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We strongly recommend for you to get an overview about the whole program, including milongas, before moving then to bookings, in order for you to use only one contact form for all your reservations. 


seminars limited to 8 couples

Friday, 9th November 2018

TimeTopicMaestrosVenueDetails / Booking
19:00  - 21:30 hS1: Ladies Technique (A+B+C)Vanesa VillalbaCasino Baden-Baden, Veranstaltungsbereich

Fully booked

19:00 - 21:30 hS2: Men's Technique (A+B+C)Facundo Piñero Kulisse>>

Saturday, 10th November 2018

Zeit:TopicMaestrosVenueDetails / Buchen:
12:30 - 15:40 hS3: Vals intensivoFacundo Pinero & Vanesa VillalbaKulisseFully booked
15:50 - 19:00 hS4: The Art of Movement.   (B+C) Guillermo Salvat & Silvia GryntKulisse>>

Please note: Seminare are limited to 8 couples.  

Sunday, 11th November 2018

Zeit:Topic                   MaestrosVenueDetails / Buchen:
11:30 - 14:40 hS5:  MilongaGuillermo Salvat & Silvia GryntKulisseOne spot for a lady
14:50 - 18:00 hS6:  Pivots, Giros and Enrosques.  (B+C)Facundo  Piñero & Vanesa VillalbaKulisse>>

Please note: Seminare are limited to 8 couples.