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Maestros, Orchestra and DJs

Jose Fernandez & Martina Waldman

Jose Fernandez, the world champion of stage tango in 2008, and Martina Waldman are graduates of the "National Academy of different Argentine Tango Styles", which is supported by the Secretary of Culture of the National Government, today's breeding ground of tango talents. They studied with the best teachers of Argentine Tango anyone can have to emerge as highly talented and future hopes of tango. As a couple they have been part of the best tango productions in Buenos Aires and abroad including TV shows such as America´s Got Talent.

Expect a stunning show. 







Matias Batista Aleman & Silvana Prieto

Silvana Prieto and Matias Batista Aleman are a young couple of the highest calibre who combine high technical qualities with an extraordinarily elegance. Their dance perfectly reflects the music in the best tradition of  a "pure" Argentine Tango. They are the champions of Tango Pista of Buenos Aires city competition in 2016, and have, ever since, established themselves as sought-after maestros of tango de salon and ambassadors of the dance joining tango festivals all around the world.

Expect a performance in the best tradition of Tango de Salon: highest musicality, intimate and emotional.

Kirill Parshakov & Anna Gudyno

The Moscow-based couple is an example of the strong international appeal of tango. They became the Tango European Champions already in 2015 and were declared in the same year best foreign couple at the World Tango Championship (Mundial de Tango) in Buenos Aires. 

Prepare yourself for the highest levels of elegance and enjoy an intensive show in the  very best tradition of the Russian School. 

Orquesta Tipica Silbando



After its establishment in 2010 in Paris, Silbando quickly became one of Europe's most renowned tango orchestras. Under the artistic direction of Chloe Pfeiffer, a pianist and arranger, musicians from various nationalities (Argentina, Chile, France, Spain) have developed into a classical orquesta tipica. The orchestra performed on important European stages (Theatre of the Châtelet of Paris, the historic city Hall in Wuppertal, Les docks of the Suds de Marseille, la Grande Place de Bruxelles, Le pont du Gard de Nîmes, La Filature de Mulhouse). In October 2014, it completed a tour in Argentinian, which established its reputation one and for all. The repertoire of the orchestra varies remarkably wide and covers all epochs of tango; that of the golden era enthuses the dancers time and time again.

Patrick Demars

is one of the leading DJs in France and the local DJ in Grenoble. He is active as tango DJ all over France and recently also in Germany: "I hope to enhance the couples' fun and emotions with my choice of music in their shared experience of milonga. My own pleasure is to swirl them on a musical wave of the 30s and 40s mostly. As for focal tango, I like to choose voices that groove the lyrics. A large part of my musical collection is HD to guarantee top sound quality".

Andreas Neumann

Andreas was one of the first who helped shaping Siempre Tango in Karlsruhe in the nineties of the last century and was actively involved in establishing the Karlsruhe and the Baden-Baden Tango Festivals. He became passionate about the tango music and developed quickly to become one of the first DJs in Karlsruhe. Far ahead of his time, he developed a special passion for the very old records, when those were far less popular than they are today. In 2008 Andreas moved to Hamburg where he continued his activities as a DJ in the local milongas there. He kept a close relationship to Siempre Tango and has been a regular visitor of all its festivals ever since.  







Carlo Sansour a tango pioneer and had a great influence on spreading tango in Germany, especially in the South-West.  He established Siempre Tango and co-organizes with Brigitte Albert the Festivals in Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden. With over twenty years of experience, he is  among the most experienced and best DJs in Germany: everything he plays must   move.