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Maestros, Orchester und DJs

Facundo Piñero & Vanesa Villalba

Are world famous artists and choreographers and graduates of the Dance Academy in Buenos Aires. Already at the age of 17, they began their tango career and toured worldwide as part of important tango shows such as Latin dance, Odyssey Tango, Tango emotion, Mora Godoy Company, Tanguera and Forever Tango. They established their own tango company and produced own shows worldwide to wide acclaim. Their dance is exquisite. They convince not only through their dance, but also through their pedagogically excellently built up teaching.

An intense breathtaking dance is to be expected.

Guillermo Salvat & Silvia Grynt

Guillermo Salvat and Silvia Grynt are internationally acclaimed dancers, teachers and choreographers. They have performed and taught worldwide, in over 30 countries in the five continents: from Australia to Europe, from China and Japan to South Africa, and the entire American continent.

They participated in the major festivals in USA and Europe and performed in the most prestigious stages all over the world (Sydney Opera House, Kremlin Theatre in Moscow, Brancaccio in Rome, Canecao in Rio de Janeiro, Luna Park in Buenos Aires). They were part of companies such as Tango x 2 and Solo Tango, choreographed and directed many shows like Estampas Porteñas (Australia and New Zealand), Magia de Tango (Colombia) and Masters of Tango (USA), featuring many tango top stars.
In 2005 they created their own company, TANGO-A-TIERRA, that has been presented in Buenos Aires, South Africa, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine, Chile and Brasil, and in 40 cities in 4 continents around the world, with extraordinary success.
They earned a reputation for original teaching methods, precise and technical, as well for a unique performing style.
Guillermo is a trained musician, and a composer as well, releasing few albums since  2013.

Prepare yourself for the highest levels of elegance and enjoy an intensive show.

Leonel Mendieta & Natalia Hassan

Leonel Mendieta and Natalia Hassan were born in Buenos Aires and discovered their passion for Tango Argentino in their early teens. Educated by the best teachers of Tango, including Carlos Copes, Carlos Rivarola, Gloria and Eduardo, they launched their careers as professional dancers and maestros in their twenties.

They perform at international Tango events across South America, Asia and Europe, teach in workshops, work as choreographers and have established their own tango studio in beautiful Nuremberg, Germany.

Tango Salon, Tango Nuevo, Tango Milonguero, Escenario, Milonga Traspie, Vals – their repertoire spans across every Tango style. 

Prepare yourself for high levels of elegance and enjoy an intensive show.

Ivan Talanin's Tango en Vivo

These extraordinary musicians combine virtuosity with passion. Ivan Talanin became worldwide a household name with the orchestra Solo Tango, in which he played for many years as first bandoneonist, before embarking on establishing his own ensemble as the music director of Tango en Vivo. In addition to the excellent repertoire known to the public from Solo Tango,  the new ensemble extends and explores also the tango music of the post-epoca de oro era, e.g. that of Maderma. We are highly excited about this new ensemble, its music is going to be mesmerising.